Wilson Takes Over at Poppyseeds Bagels in Matthews


by Jon Wilson/ Mike Thomas Photojournalist
by D Barnes

MATTHEWS, N.C. -  Wilson's first job was behind the counter at a Charlotte McDonald's, good thing he changed professions.  The guys at Poppyseeds Bagels in Matthews made the mistake of letting Wilson behind their counter this morning and of course...where there is Wilson, there is chaos.  He was thrown out of the back room for trying to find out the secret to their great bagels.

Poppyseeds Bagel is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years experience.  Located at 1311 Chestnut Lane in Matthews, they open at 5:30am each day and serve lunch as well.  Find out more about Poppyseeds Bagels at their website www.poppyseedsbagels.com.

Stay connected with Wilson on his twitter page at www.Twitter.com/WilsonShow.


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