Wilson's Tee Shirts for Donations Campaign Continues at McDonald's on South Blvd


by Jon Wilson/ Mike Thomas Photojournalist
by D Barnes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -    Wilson had a great day today as he continued his tee shirts for donations campaign at the McDonald's location on South Blvd at Remount Road.  Even though he has suspended his unofficial campaign for Mayor, Wilson still has quite a few people backing him.  He even received a great video from a young man who backs Wilson's pothole platform.

Wilson sends out a big thanks  to everyone who stopped by to see him over the last 2 days and made donations to the Red Cross to help out victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

100% of the proceeds from the tee shirts for donations campaign go directly to the Red Cross and their disaster relief for victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

If you were didn't get a chance to stop by and pick up a tee shirt from Wilson, you can still donate to Red Cross.  Text "Red Cross" to "90999" or text "SP" to "80888."

Stay connected with Wilson on his twitter page at www.Twitter.com/WilsonShow



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