Wingate Graduate Creates Alcohoot


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTTE,NC--A Wingate student's invention is now available for sale to the public.

"Alcohoot" is the world's first breathalyzer for smart phones, according to the company all you do is breath into the device and it tells you what your blood alcohol content is.

The device is also suppose to give you information on where nearby restaurants are, provide taxi cab numbers and more.

The creator and Wingate graduate, Ben Biron, says the goal is simple,"alot of the time, they convince themselves that they're good to drive, Our idea is really put the truth in your face and tell you that you cant drive," says Biron.

Biron reportedly chose the name from the Hebrew slang word for breathalyzer which is "owl" because you "hoot" or blow into the device.

The Alcohoot retails for $75 dollars, for more information go to



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