Weird News

Drunk Driver Arrested After Periscoping Herself | VIDEO

*WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT* Police say a woman used periscope to broadcast herself driving drunk on Saturday. Read More »

Woman Crashes Car After Driving in Circles, Down Embankment

An out of control driver who hit four cars in Gastonia, including two police cruisers, is in the hospital.

Inmates Defeat Harvard Debate Team

In a debate between Harvard College students and a group of inmates at a maximum-security prison, some might guess that the Harvard students would win. Read More »

Connecticut University Student Arrested Over Mac And Cheese

A University of Connecticut student faces criminal charges over a confrontation with a campus food court manager who wouldn't let him buy macaroni and cheese with bacon and jalapeno peppers. Read More »

Fox Attacks School Children

A bizarre encounter for CMPD, faced by a fox that was attacking children outside two Charlotte schools.

Seminary Puts Pope-Inspired Beer On Tap For Francis' Stay

It started out as a lark inspired by the frenzy over Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia: a limited-run beer for the local bars with a playful name and a label showing the pontiff raising a gold-hued goblet of the stuff. Read More »

The Edge: Crowdfunding For McNuggets

A student created a page for donations so he could buy McDonalds chicken nuggets. Read More »

'Turd Ferguson' Makes It To Real 'Jeopardy'

If there is a trolling hall of fame, Talia Lavin deserves to be inducted. Read More »

Man Clocked At 112 mph Was Headed To Court For Past Speeding

A driver clocked at 112 mph on an interstate in Vermont told police he was heading to traffic court to take care of a speeding ticket. Read More »

Police Shoot Obsessive WWE Fan

A deputy reportedly opened fire on a man outside the WWE's training center in Orlando, seriously injuring the guy who has a history of bizarre incidents at the WWE. Read More »

Boy Trips, Punches Hole In $1.5M Painting

It's enough to cause curators to break out in cold sweats: the sight of a museum visitor tumbling right into a valuable, centuries-old painting at a busy exhibition. Read More »

Yikes!! Car Hits Woman In Wheelchair

Some drivers need to be a little more cautious at an intersection. It's unclear where this incident occurred or who had the right-of-way but the video is certainly cringe-worthy. Read More »

Footage Of Giant 20-Foot Shark Surfaces

The great white shark, nicknamed Deep Blue, is estimated by the conservation group Pelagios Kakunja to be 20 feet long and 50 years old. Read More »

Police: Man Named Huckleberry Finn Charged With Sex Assault

Police in New Hampshire say a man named Huckleberry Finn followed a woman into her home and sexually assaulted her. Read More »

VIRAL VIDEO: Woman Nearly Breaks Neck

This video of two men trying to throw a woman off a boat into a lake has gone viral when the stunt went terribly wrong. Read More »