Weird News

Man Arrested For Trying To Pay Taxes With 600 Folded Ones

A guy who got arrested for how he tried to pay his taxes was released from jail. Read More »

Tree Falls On Dilworth Home

Two oak trees fell on a Dilworth area home last night, forcing the residents to evacuate until the damages have been repaired.

Man Bulldozes House With Everything Inside

A New York man decided to bulldoze his house with everything inside while his wife was running errands. Read More »

Man Cited For Eating A Cheeseburger While Driving In Georgia

An Alabama man is accused of eating while driving in Atlanta's suburbs. Read More »

Man Arrested For Drugs While Wearing Shirt Saying 'I Have Drugs'

A man was arrested in a Florida K-Mart for wearing a shirt that tipped off cops that he had drugs. Read More »

Ex Wife Rejects $974.8 Million Check

An Oklahoma woman refused an almost $1 billion check from her ex husband claiming it was too little. Read More »

Woman Receives $18,000 Over Possible Cancer Hoax

An Atlanta woman's hoax is up after friends discover her terminal cancer story was all a lie. Read More »

Crocodile Kills Man Retrieving Golf Balls From Golf Course Dam

A crocodile killed a man while he was retrieving golf balls from a dam called Lake Panic at South Africa's flagship wildlife reserve, officials said Thursday. Read More »

Three Male Escorts In A Hot Tub Argue Over Rates

An argument between three escorts got violent after one got jealous over making less for his services. Read More »

Thief Doesn't Notice Surveillance Camera Beside His Face

Police are working to find out if a suspected thief is responsible for more crimes throughout the city.

Marijuana Patient Sues After Firm Won't Hire Her

A graduate student has sued a textile company for refusing to hire her for a two-month internship because she uses medical marijuana to treat frequent and debilitating migraine headaches, a decision her lawyer calls discrimination. Read More »

Woman Who Wears 'I Love Meth' Shirt Arrested For Possessing Meth

LONDON, KY-- A Kentucky woman learned that if you have meth and scales in your possession you probably shouldn't where an "I Heart Crystal Meth" t-shirt. Read More »

Florida Elementary School Bans Breastfeeding Mom From Campus

A 25-year-old Florida Panhandle woman was issued a trespass warning after a disagreement with an elementary school principal about the way she was breastfeeding her young daughter on campus. Read More »


A former NFL cheerleader has been indicted in Delaware for allegedly raping a 15-year-old boy she spotted on Instagram. Read More »

Spy Cell Tower in Charlotte?

Concern that a mysterious cell phone tower in Charlotte is grabbing phone calls and information without you knowing.