Weird News

Newly Discovered Frog Looks Like Kermit

A newly discovered species of glassfrog looks an awful lot like the famous Muppet. Read More »

Authorities: Cardiologist Tried To Have Rival Doctor Killed

A Long Island cardiologist had the office of another doctor torched, then hired someone who turned out to be an undercover police officer in a failed attempt to have the doctor hurt or killed, authorities said. Read More »

Cross-Dressing Bank Robber Being Pursued By Police

Police are looking for a cross-dressing bank robber who allegedly robbed a U.S. Bank in California last week. Read More »

Waitress Returns $1,300 Found On Table

A Georgia waitress is being praised for her honesty after she discovered an envelope full of money at the restaurant where she works and decided to do the right thing. Read More »

Amendment Could End 'Naked Man' Scandal

An amendment to North Carolina's indecent exposure law could help a north Charlotte neighborhood deal with a man accused of standing naked in his doorway.

CLT Monkey Found After Double Escape

A monkey is finally safe after a day on the run in Mecklenburg County.

Feel-Good Tale: Man Gets $7M Lottery Ticket In Get-Well Card

A Pennsylvania man recovering from surgery has won $7 million off a lottery ticket tucked into his get-well card. Read More »

Teen Girls Post Robbery On Snapchat

Police are searching for five teenage girls who allegedly robbed a Dairy Queen and posted a photo about it on social media. Read More »

Teens Steal Goat For Prom Invite

Three Georgia teens are facing charges after steeling a goat to ask girl to prom. Read More »

Stolen NASCAR Car Found

Travis Kvapil's #44 car that was stolen from a hotel parking lot was found by police Saturday morning but the transport trailer hauling the car is still missing.

Man Arrested For Trying To Pay Taxes With 600 Folded Ones

A guy who got arrested for how he tried to pay his taxes was released from jail. Read More »

Tree Falls On Dilworth Home

Two oak trees fell on a Dilworth area home last night, forcing the residents to evacuate until the damages have been repaired.

Man Bulldozes House With Everything Inside

A New York man decided to bulldoze his house with everything inside while his wife was running errands. Read More »

Man Cited For Eating A Cheeseburger While Driving In Georgia

An Alabama man is accused of eating while driving in Atlanta's suburbs. Read More »

Man Arrested For Drugs While Wearing Shirt Saying 'I Have Drugs'

A man was arrested in a Florida K-Mart for wearing a shirt that tipped off cops that he had drugs. Read More »