Weird News

Spy Cell Tower in Charlotte?

Concern that a mysterious cell phone tower in Charlotte is grabbing phone calls and information without you knowing.

Man Gets Stabbed By Syringe, Told 'Welcome To HIV Club'

SEATTLE,WA--Reports say a man was pricked by a syringe outside of a Seattle bar and told, "Welcome to the HIV club," by the stabber. Read More »

Burned Armpit Hair Led To Idaho Car Crash, Sheriff Says

A SUV full of teenagers crashed in Idaho after one of the passengers lit the driver's armpit hair on fire with a lighter, authorities said Wednesday. Read More »

Bear Cub Plays With Flag On Golf Course | VIDEO

A bear cub at the Mountain Side Golf Course In British Columbia had some fun playing with pin. Read More »

Cops Photograph Alleged Sleeping Florida Burglar

Police say an accused burglar continued snoozing next to a bag of jewelry he was allegedly planning to swipe even after deputies began snapping pictures of him. Read More »

Mom Arrested for Cursing in Grocery Store

It happened at a Kroger in North Augusta. The mother of two was handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct.

Teen Lives In Texas Walmart For Nearly A Week

Hiding behind merchandise, stealing food and wearing diapers. That's how witnesses say a teenage boy managed to survive inside a Texas Walmart for almost a week! Read More »

Teen Makes Walmart Home For Four Days

Reports say a teen lived inside a Texas Walmart for four days before being found by store employees. Read More »

SC Man Charged With Making False Police Report About Escaped Mountain Lion

Police say a 55-year-old man has been charged with filing a false police report after he told authorities a mountain lion had escaped from a pet store and was on the loose in Aiken. Read More »

Police: Teacher Found Drunk and Pantless In Oklahoma Classroom

An Oklahoma teacher reportedly showed up to school drunk and without pants on the first day of school. Read More »

Popularity of E-Cigarettes Creating 'Professional' Smokers

The growing popularity of e-cigarettes has triggered an unusual activity that is growing in popularity known as "cloud chasing." Read More »

Man Accused Of Putting Needles Into Meat At Grocery Store

A 68-year-old Illinois man was jailed without bond Thursday after being accused by federal prosecutors of inserting sewing needles into packaged meat 'just for the hell of it' at a grocery store in his hometown at least seven times over more than a year. Read More »

Human Leg Found At Dublin Recycling Plant

A severed leg has been found at a Dublin recycling plant, and police are searching trash for the rest of the body. Read More »

NY Teen Dies From 'FireChallenge'

A 15-year-old teen died after trying to participate in the #FireChallenge seen on Facebook. Read More »

Shaking Building Prompts Evacuation in Uptown Charlotte

A rumbling in uptown sent people scurrying out of a building on South Tryon Street Tuesday morning.