Weird News

Convicted Felon and Owner of Satanic Material Appears in Florida Court

A convicted felon who owned satanic writings and shrines pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing an illegal gun Monday in Florida. Read More »

Japanese President of KFC Buys Col. Sanders Trademark Suit

Japan's president of Kentucky Fried Chicken has purchased one of Col. Sanders' trademark suits at an auction in Dallas. Read More »

Unemployed Teacher Finds and Returns $20,000

An unemployed teacher returned a bag of $20,000 to the bank after she discovered it lying on the side of a Texas road Tuesday. Read More »

Day-Care Owner Charged With Drugging Kids

Police say a woman running a day-care center from her Ohio home drugged some of the children she had been caring for Wednesday. Read More »

Man's First Date Leaves Him Beaten, Stripped Naked and Robbed

A Florida man told authorities he had been beaten, robbed, forced to strip naked and abandoned during a first date with a woman. Read More »

Grandson Caught Robbing his Grandmother

A robber was invading a woman's Albuquerque home Friday when the woman suddenly realized the robber was her grandson. Read More »

Man Faces Charges After Fighting in the Nude

Police arrested a San Francisco man after he got into a fight with no clothes on. Read More »

Cat Gives Birth to Two-Faced Kitten

A cat gave birth to a two-faced kitten in Amity, Ore., on 6/11 at 6:11 a.m. Read More »

California Man Sells His Wife's Wedding Ring For $10

A guy in California is in major trouble after he accidentally sold his wife's $23,000 wedding ring. Read More »

Dog Saves Trainers Life

A guide dog in training may have saved the lives of his trainers. Read More »

Fisherman Reels In 115-Pound Catfish

Photographers have finally captured a photo of the massive, famous catfish known in England as "the Duke." Read More »

Flying Tray Delivers Food in London Restaurant

A London sushi restaurant is now serving food off of a flying tray. Read More »

Cyclists Ride in the Buff at Annual Naked Bike Ride

Thousands of people decided to ride in the buff at the annual Naked Bike Ride in Portland Saturday. Read More »

Arizona Man Labeled As Worst Tipper Ever

A man in Arizona won the title of worst tipper ever according to a Papa John's delivery driver. Read More »

Chicago High School Student Arrested For Hot Sauce Prank

A Chicago high school student is facing charges after reportedly spiking a container of marinara sauce with fiery hot sauce, sending three people to the hospital, police said. Read More »