Weird News

Fisherman Reels In 115-Pound Catfish

Photographers have finally captured a photo of the massive, famous catfish known in England as "the Duke." Read More »

Flying Tray Delivers Food in London Restaurant

A London sushi restaurant is now serving food off of a flying tray. Read More »

Cyclists Ride in the Buff at Annual Naked Bike Ride

Thousands of people decided to ride in the buff at the annual Naked Bike Ride in Portland Saturday. Read More »

Arizona Man Labeled As Worst Tipper Ever

A man in Arizona won the title of worst tipper ever according to a Papa John's delivery driver. Read More »

Chicago High School Student Arrested For Hot Sauce Prank

A Chicago high school student is facing charges after reportedly spiking a container of marinara sauce with fiery hot sauce, sending three people to the hospital, police said. Read More »

Lunch Time Dance Parties In Paris

Some workers in Paris are skipping eating lunch in their cubicles so they can hit the dance floor. Read More »

Police Say Office Prank Caused Man To Kill Three Co-Workers

Police say they arrested a man for killing three of his co-workers who allegedly teased the suspect over an embarrassing video. Read More »

Women In Trouble After Trying To Fulfill 'Bucket List'

Two friends are sitting in a central Florida jail after allegedly trying to cross shoplifting off their bucket list. Read More »

Brawl Over Ice Cream Cone At Tennessee Burger King

A Tennessee family claims all they wanted was a new ice cream cone but they got into a fight instead. Read More »

Kids Now Smoking Alcohol Vapor

Kids are practicing a new trend: They are reportedly mixing dry ice and booze to smoke alcohol vapor. Read More »

Man Hurls Concrete at Hotel, Blames Zombies for his Behavior

Police threw a homeless man into jail after he threw pieces of concrete at a St. Petersburg hotel Wednesday. Read More »

Fisherman Killed In Beaver Attack

A fisherman wanted his photo shot with a beaver. The beaver had other ideas: It attacked the 60-year-old man with razor-sharp teeth, slicing an artery and causing him to bleed to death. Read More »

23-Karat Gold Chocolate Bacon Sold Online

Listen up bacon lovers. The true test of your passion has arrived: gilded, chocolate covered bacon. Read More »

S.C. Woman To Have 'Dolphin-Assisted' Birth

A pregnant South Carolina woman and her husband have traveled to Hawaii where they plan on having a “dolphin-assisted birth,” a water delivery among dolphins, according to Medical Daily. Read More »

Retailer Facing Criticism Over Billboard

Some drivers are saying a billboard located by the interstate near Culver City, Calif., appears to display a photo of Adolf Hitler instead of a teapot. Read More »