Weird News

Florida Cop Caught Driving Drunk

An off duty Florida sheriff was accused of driving drunk in his patrol car. Read More »

Man Arrested Wearing 'Jail Sucks' T-shirt

Police arrested a man in Florida for food stamp fraud but it's the t-shirt he was wearing during his arrest that is getting him attention. Read More »

Man and Woman Found Dead At Hotel Hosting Murder Mystery Party

The bodies of a man and a woman were found in a swimming pool at a British hotel, where a murder mystery party was planned. Read More »

Fake Nurse Steals IV's In Seattle

A fake nurse was caught stealing medicine from a patients IV line in Seattle. Read More »

Women Hit By Car | VIDEO

A Tennessee College student was hit by a car while crossing the street and it was all caught on camera. Read More »

Man Crashes Car Into Church After Getting Upset With Pastor

A Las Vegas man is behind bars after police say he became so enraged at being turned away from speaking with a pastor that he plowed his car through an entrance and down the hall of a large Henderson church. Read More »

College Student Arrested For Having A Huge Joint

A giant sized joint got a California college student sent to jail. Read More »

Ohio Woman Told She Was Too Fat To Tan

An Ohio woman who was told she was too fat to tan finally has her money back. Read More »

Woman Drunk-Dialed 911 Because She Was Lonely

A Florida woman was arrested for calling the cops multiple times because she was drunk and lonely. Read More »

Florida Man Arrested For Trying To Release Zoo Animals

Reports say a Florida man was arrested after he broke into a zoo and attempted to release all the animals. Read More »

Memphis Men Pull AK-47 On Fast Food Employee

Two Memphis Tennessee men pulled an AK-47 on a fast food employee after their order was missing food items. Read More »

Kindergartners Given Detention For Being Late To School

A school in Texas is sending kindergartners to detention because mom and dad drove them to school late. Read More »

Dad Dies From Fighting With Daughter

Authorities say a man suffered a fatal heart attack during a physical fight with his teenage daughter. Read More »

Police: Man Steals Car To Audition For The X Factor

A man was arrested after stealing a car and leading police on a chase- all so he could make it to his audition for "The X Factor." Read More »

Teen Arrested For Calling 911 About Annoying Mom

A Florida teen was arrested after he called the cops twice to complain about his mom. Read More »