Weird News

Memphis Men Pull AK-47 On Fast Food Employee

Two Memphis Tennessee men pulled an AK-47 on a fast food employee after their order was missing food items. Read More »

Kindergartners Given Detention For Being Late To School

A school in Texas is sending kindergartners to detention because mom and dad drove them to school late. Read More »

Dad Dies From Fighting With Daughter

Authorities say a man suffered a fatal heart attack during a physical fight with his teenage daughter. Read More »

Police: Man Steals Car To Audition For The X Factor

A man was arrested after stealing a car and leading police on a chase- all so he could make it to his audition for "The X Factor." Read More »

Teen Arrested For Calling 911 About Annoying Mom

A Florida teen was arrested after he called the cops twice to complain about his mom. Read More »

Pilot Grounds Plane Without Landing Gear

A close call for a pilot who had to land a plane without landing gear. Read More »

Police: Woman Assaulted Boyfriend For Singing 'Thrift Shop' Repeatedly

Police say they arrested a woman for assaulting her boyfriend because he would not stop singing Macklemore's song 'Thrift Shop'. Read More »

Man Says Zombies Made Him Steal Big Rig

A man says zombies were the reason he stole an 18 wheeler and caused multiple wrecks on a California highway. Read More »

$3,000 Toilet Stolen In Japan

A lot of money just went down the drain... A $3,000 toilet was recently stolen from a Japanese public bathroom. Read More »

Ringling Bros Circus Elephant Injured In Drive-By Shooting

A Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus elephant was the victim of a drive-by shooting on Tuesday morning. Read More »

SC Woman Tries to Steal 120-Foot Research Ship

A South Carolina woman allegedly tried to steal a 120-foot research boat while scientists were still asleep on board. Read More »

Steroid Pumped Ferrets Being Sold As Toy Poodles

Reports claim a man in Buenos Aires paid $300 for two toy poodles but ended up with ferrets on steroids. Read More »

Montana Mans Wants To Be Reimbursed By Feds After Dog Eats $500

A Montana man whose 12-year-old golden retriever ate five $100 bills hopes to be reimbursed by the federal government. Read More »

Indiana Mans Calls 911 To Report He Was Driving Drunk

A northern Indiana man who called 911 and told dispatchers he was driving drunk and needed to be taken off the road got his wish when a sheriff's deputy arrived. Read More »

The Tooth Fairy Gets Greedy In Indianapolis

A Indianapolis man walked into a dentists office for a routine extraction and left without teeth. Read More »