Weird News

Beezin' is the Latest Bizarre Trend Going Viral with Teenagers

Steve Smith and Wilson join the Rising crew back in the studio to discuss the dangerous teen trend called 'Beezin'. Read More »

Mom Gives Birth to Fourteen Pound Baby

A mom gave birth to the largest baby born in Boston General Hospital in almost a decade. Read More »

Can You Solve The 'Ghost Car' Mystery?

A 'ghost car' in Russia has people scratching their heads. Read More »

COPS: 9 Year Old Steals Car Because He Didn't Want To Go To School

A 9 year-old Florida boy was arrested after he stole his mothers car. Read More »

Texas Woman Arrested After Calling Police To Complain About Marijuana Quality

Police in East Texas have arrested a woman after she called them to complain about the quality of the marijuana she had purchased from a dealer. Read More »

Teacher Finds $11K, Turns It In

A fourth grade teacher taught her son a life lesson when she found $11,000 on the side of the road and turned it in!

Sleepwalking 10-Year-Old Wrecks Car

A 10-year-old girl took her family's car on a wild ride in Ohio. Her dad says she was sleepwalking! Read More »

Man Stages Burglary to Skip Work

A Florida man is accused of staging a burglary to skip work, but the lie landed him in jail. Read More »

April Fools' Prank Leads to College Lockdown

Deputies say an employee texted a family member that she was hiding from an active shooter on campus.

PA Tree Trimmer Goes To Hospital With Saw In Neck

A tree trimmer is recovering after he was rushed to a Pittsburgh hospital with a chain saw blade embedded in his neck. Read More »

WCCB Goes to Mars!

WCCB Goes Out Of This World!

WCCB, Charlotte's CW is heading to the Red Planet! Read More »

'Instant Karma' Caught on Camera

A woman in Florida grabbed her iPhone to record road rage, but caught the angry driver crashing his truck instead! Read More »

Teen Gets McDonald's Receipt Tattooed on His Arm

A teen in Norway will never forget a meal he ate at McDonald's. He got his entire receipt tattooed on his arm! Read More »

More Teens Getting Buzzed from Smoking Coffee

Homemade videos of teens getting buzzed from coffee cigarettes are going viral.

Church Raffles Off Assault Rifles During Sunday Service

A baptist church in New York raffled off two AR-15's during Sunday service. Read More »