Weird News

'Instant Karma' Caught on Camera

A woman in Florida grabbed her iPhone to record road rage, but caught the angry driver crashing his truck instead! Read More »

Teen Gets McDonald's Receipt Tattooed on His Arm

A teen in Norway will never forget a meal he ate at McDonald's. He got his entire receipt tattooed on his arm! Read More »

More Teens Getting Buzzed from Smoking Coffee

Homemade videos of teens getting buzzed from coffee cigarettes are going viral.

Church Raffles Off Assault Rifles During Sunday Service

A baptist church in New York raffled off two AR-15's during Sunday service. Read More »

Boyfriend Devastated By 'Phantom' Quintuplet Pregnancy

A Canadian woman convinces her boyfriend and even her own body that she's pregnant with quintuplets. Read More »

Suspected Toe Sucking Bandit Appears In Court

More potential victims are coming forward, and we've learned this isn't the first time he's been arrested.

Truck Nearly Misses State Trooper | VIDEO

An Incredible video out of Iowa caught a pickup truck after it goes airborne and nearly misses a police officer. Read More »

Girl Scouts Fight Crime In Texas

A few Girl Scouts in Texas deserve a crime fighting badge! Read More »

Homeless BMX | VIDEO

A BMX video in Los Angeles is going viral for all the wrong reasons. Read More »

'I am not a sore loser,' says gambler suing Vegas casino after losing $500K

A California man who lost $500,000 at blackjack and pai gow is suing a new Las Vegas casino, alleging he was too drunk to be allowed to gamble over a 17-hour period just before Super Bowl weekend. Read More »

California 3rd Graders Caught Smoking Pot In School Bathroom

Parents in California want to know how three third graders managed to smoke pot in a school bathroom. Read More »

Man Wakes Up In Body Bag At Funeral Home

Workers at a Mississippi funeral home say they found a man alive and kicking when they opened a body bag. Read More »

Waffle House Bandit Posed As Manager, Stole Cash: Cops

Atlanta police are searching for a woman dressed in a Waffle House uniform who walked into a restaurant pretending to be an area manager — and left with about $100 in cash from the register. Read More »

Man Arrested For Making Meth While Wearing 'Breaking Bad' T-Shirt

An Illinois man was arrested for making meth, and what a coincidence that he was wearing a t-shirt inspired by the show "Breaking Bad." Read More »

Cocaine Disguised As Bananas Seized In Ecuador

A massive drug haul may have looked like bananas, but was filled with cocaine not potassium. Read More »