Weird News

62-Year-Old Lingerie Model For American Apparel

Clothing company says: "sexy has no expiration date." Read More »

Man Accused Of Biting Off Brother's Ear At Super Bowl Party

Authorities say a Rochester man bit off part of his brother's ear after they began fighting during a Super Bowl party. Read More »

Car Crashes Into Popeyes Chicken

A recipe for disaster inside of Popeye's Chicken after a suspected drunk driver smashed into the restaurant in Orlando. Read More »

Boy And Grandmother Get Run Over In Brazil

This video may be disturbing to watch! Surveillance cameras in Brazil caught the moment a car crashed into a young boy and his grandmother. Read More »

Hershey To Make 3-D Chocolate Printer

Chocolate lovers could soon create their own candy bars with a 3-D printer. Read More »

Amnesty Weed Boxes Installed In Colorado Airport

Now that recreational marijuana sales are legal in Colorado people are making trips to get weed. Read More »

Police: Woman Assaulted With Box Cutter Over Facebook Friend Request

Police say a woman was cut with a box cutter over a Facebook friend request. Read More »

Sex Offender Offers To Castrate Himself For Reduced Sentence

A sex offender charged with sexually abusing multiple children at an unlicensed day care center says he's willing to undergo 'physical castration' in exchange for reduced sentence. Read More »

Homeless Veteran From Viral Makeover Video Arrested

The homeless Army veteran featured in a makeover video has been arrested. Read More »

Walmart Website Error Allows Customers To Purchase $600 Electronics For Under $10

Walmart is trying to sort out a mess after an error on their website allowed customers to buy $600 electronics for $8.85. Read More »

Woman To Hand Out Fat Letters For Halloween

Some trick or treaters might go home in tears tonight. Read More »

Kid Gets Stuck In Chimney

A teen climbed down a chimney after getting locked out of the house. Read More »

A Little Hanky Panky Is Actually Exercise

Hitting the gym isn't the only way to break a sweat. Read More »

Cab Driver Slams Into Parked Car To Save Life

A cab driver in California is alive because he crashed into a parked car. Read More »

Man Padlocks Girlfriends Jeans

A jealous boyfriend's attempt to keep his girlfriend from cheating on him backfires. Read More »