Weird News

Naked Haunted House Gets Clothed

A haunted house that promised thrill seekers they could be naked and afraid has decided not to allow people to expose themselves to their fears and phobias. Read More »

Blind Judge Calls Football Games In Kentucky

A Kentucky judge spends his Friday nights calling games for a high school team. Read More »

Girl On Pain Meds Thinks She Is A NASCAR Driver | VIDEO

Anyone can do dumb things when their doped up on pain meds! but if you're lucky there wont be a camera around to catch you make a total fool of yourself. Read More »

5-year-old Gets Presidential Excuse Note

The daughter of a soldier wounded in Afghanistan is now an internet sensation, after her visit to the White House. Read More »

Naked Haunted House Scares Your Pants Off

An amusement park in Pennsylvania is betting somebody wants to run through a haunted house naked! Read More »

Pastor In Tennessee Says Jesus Had Two Dads And Turned Out Just Fine

A pastor in Tennessee is creating a huge buzz with the message, "Jesus has two dads and he turned out just fine." Read More »

Family Kicked Out Of Applebee's For Being Too Loud

A mom and dad in Texas are angry after their rowdy kids nearly got them arrested for trespassing. Read More »

Woman Uses Kids in Jewelry Heist

There is no sign of a woman who used two children to steal more than $100,000 worth of jewelry in Illinois. Read More »

SWAT Team Shoots and Kills 107-Year-Old Man

Police shoot and kill one of the oldest men in America. Read More »

Father Catches and Beats Peeping Tom

A father catches and beats a peeping tom spying on his daughter. Read More »

Iowa Grants Gun Permits To The Blind

Iowa is giving the gun rights debate a new angle Read More »

Man Gets Drunk, Blows Up Car

Monroe police say a drunk underage guy passed out, and blew up his car engine. Read More »

Shiny New Skyscraper Melts Cars

A shiny new skyscraper in London is becoming a big problem for people who have to park cars nearby. Read More »

Inmate Enlists Peta To Help With Dietary Complaint

A Connecticut prison inmate has enlisted the help of an animal rights group in a dispute with the state over his diet. Read More »

Police: Woman Killed Boyfriend, Stuffed Him In Freezer

Prosecutors say a Minnesota woman beat her boyfriend to death, taped his body up in plastic and hid it in a freezer because he was trying to break up with her. Read More »