Weird News

Man Admits Starting Fire So He Could Put It Out

A Florida man might want to reconsider his burning desire to become a firefighter. Read More »

Naked Virginia Man Breaks Into Home And Then Turns Himself In

Police arrested a Virginia man Wednesday after he broke into a home while in the nude and then called 9-1-1 to turn himself in. Read More »

Florida Man Attacks Roommate With Machete After He Switches Radio Station

A Florida man faces charges for allegedly attacking his roommate with a machete after the roommate changed the radio station. Read More »

Spanish Man Dies After Becoming Beer-Drinking Champion

A Spanish man died Wednesday after winning a beer-drinking contest in Murcia. Read More »

Tennessee Man Steals Box of Human Ashes, Mistaking it for Cocaine

Authorities arrested a Tennessee man after he allegedly stole a box of human ashes, believing the ashes to be cocaine. Read More »

Ohio Woman Lies About Having Cancer, Collects Thousands of Dollars in Donation

A court sentenced an Ohio woman to nine months in jail Friday after she faked having cancer and then collected thousands of dollars to pay for medical bills. Read More »

Cow Crashes Through Roof of House, Kills Man

A Brazilian man has died after a cow crashed through his roof and landed on him while he was sleeping. Read More »

Students Go to Hospital After Eating Strange Concoction at a San Diego Elementary School

Several students at a San Diego elementary school went to the hospital after consuming a strange concoction during lunch Thursday. Read More »

Hospital Fined After 'Dead' Woman Wakes Up While Doctors Try To Remove Organs

A new report pertaining to a "dead" woman who woke up just as doctors were able to remove her organs reveals a number of mistakes during her care at a Syracuse hospital. Read More »

San Francisco Giants Pitcher Accused of Groping Woman

The lawyer for a San Francisco Giants pitcher says his client was ill at the time he allegedly touched a woman's breast earlier this year. Read More »

Texas Representatives Pitch Idea to Put National Park on Moon

Two Texas representatives are pitching an idea to create a national park in space. Read More »

Minnesota Town Has 4-Year-Old Mayor

In the tiny Minnesota tourist town of Dorset, the mayor is a short guy known for his fondness of ice cream and fishing. Read More »

Nude Swimmer Distracts Home Burglary Victim

A woman who received permission to skinny dip in a man's backyard pool sufficiently amused him while her male companion burglarized the premises, police reported. Read More »

Police: Oklahoma Man Found Peeping At Women In Toilet

A Tulsa man remained jailed Monday on a peeping Tom complaint after authorities discovered him inside a septic tank beneath a women's bathroom at a Sand Springs water park. Read More »

College Baseball Player Undergoes Surgery Following Hot-Dog Eating Contest

A college baseball player is recovering from an injury caused by his involvement in a hot-dog eating contest. Read More »