Weird News

Minnesota Town Has 4-Year-Old Mayor

In the tiny Minnesota tourist town of Dorset, the mayor is a short guy known for his fondness of ice cream and fishing. Read More »

Nude Swimmer Distracts Home Burglary Victim

A woman who received permission to skinny dip in a man's backyard pool sufficiently amused him while her male companion burglarized the premises, police reported. Read More »

Police: Oklahoma Man Found Peeping At Women In Toilet

A Tulsa man remained jailed Monday on a peeping Tom complaint after authorities discovered him inside a septic tank beneath a women's bathroom at a Sand Springs water park. Read More »

College Baseball Player Undergoes Surgery Following Hot-Dog Eating Contest

A college baseball player is recovering from an injury caused by his involvement in a hot-dog eating contest. Read More »

Men Caught Stealing 9-Foot Chicken Statue

Three men are facing grand theft charges after they allegedly ran away with a 9-foot chicken statue Tuesday in Florida. Read More »

Seven-Car Pile-Up Leads to Five DUI Charges in Atlanta

Officials charged five people with drunk driving after one of them hit a pedestrian and then caused a large vehicle pile-up Friday in Atlanta. Read More »

Hot Air Balloon Lands on California Highway

A hot air balloon landed unexpectedly Saturday in the middle of a busy California highway. Read More »

Oklahoma Woman Gets Stuck in Donation Bin

An Oklahoma woman got stuck in a donation bin while attempting to find a bracelet. Read More »

Convicted Felon and Owner of Satanic Material Appears in Florida Court

A convicted felon who owned satanic writings and shrines pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing an illegal gun Monday in Florida. Read More »

Japanese President of KFC Buys Col. Sanders Trademark Suit

Japan's president of Kentucky Fried Chicken has purchased one of Col. Sanders' trademark suits at an auction in Dallas. Read More »

Unemployed Teacher Finds and Returns $20,000

An unemployed teacher returned a bag of $20,000 to the bank after she discovered it lying on the side of a Texas road Tuesday. Read More »

Day-Care Owner Charged With Drugging Kids

Police say a woman running a day-care center from her Ohio home drugged some of the children she had been caring for Wednesday. Read More »

Man's First Date Leaves Him Beaten, Stripped Naked and Robbed

A Florida man told authorities he had been beaten, robbed, forced to strip naked and abandoned during a first date with a woman. Read More »

Grandson Caught Robbing his Grandmother

A robber was invading a woman's Albuquerque home Friday when the woman suddenly realized the robber was her grandson. Read More »

Man Faces Charges After Fighting in the Nude

Police arrested a San Francisco man after he got into a fight with no clothes on. Read More »