Weird News

Facebook Friends Determine Loan Eligibility

New credit rating companies are using social media to determine a borrower's risk. Read More »

Shelby Woman Charged With DWI At McDonald's Drive-Thru

Shelby police have charged a woman with driving while impaired after finding her slumped over the wheel of a car stopped in the drive-through line at a fast-food restaurant. Read More »

Possible Alien Head Found At Croatian Cemetery

A possible Alien head was reportedly dug up at a Croatian cemetery. Read More »

New Zealand Calf Odditty

A New Zealand dairy farmer discovered a very unusual baby cow when he delivered a calf with two bodies, four ears, and eight legs. Read More »

Truck Goes Airborne | VIDEO

An unbelievable video out of Michigan after a man and his truck go airborne and crash into a creek. Read More »

Date Rape Cup

New protection against date rape. Read More »

Man Finds $7,000 And Gives It Back

What would you do if you found an envelope stuffed with cash just lying around? Read More »

Bear Found Napping At Family's Home

Kids in Florida find bear asleep in their home. Read More »

Snail Hatches In Kid's Knee

A mom in California can't believe she found a snail inside her son's knee. Read More »

11-Year-Old Finds Death Threat In Raggedy Ann Doll

An Ohio girl has received a death threat stuffed in the cut throat of a Raggedy Ann doll that was stolen from her house. Read More »

Man Accused Of Putting Skunk In Gas Station Bathroom

A man went to jail Thursday night for leaving a smelly gift in a gas station bathroom in Kentucky. Read More »

Man Admits Starting Fire So He Could Put It Out

A Florida man might want to reconsider his burning desire to become a firefighter. Read More »

Naked Virginia Man Breaks Into Home And Then Turns Himself In

Police arrested a Virginia man Wednesday after he broke into a home while in the nude and then called 9-1-1 to turn himself in. Read More »

Florida Man Attacks Roommate With Machete After He Switches Radio Station

A Florida man faces charges for allegedly attacking his roommate with a machete after the roommate changed the radio station. Read More »

Spanish Man Dies After Becoming Beer-Drinking Champion

A Spanish man died Wednesday after winning a beer-drinking contest in Murcia. Read More »