College Baseball Player Undergoes Surgery Following Hot-Dog Eating Contest


by Casie Kolbinsky

A college baseball player is recovering from an injury caused by his involvement in a hot-dog eating contest.

Seacoast Mavericks Pitcher Brian Read, 19, underwent surgery Tuesday, July 2 after a piece of a hot-dog got lodged in his esophagus at a hot-dog eating contest Sunday, June 30 at the Futures Collegiate Baseball League Game, according to sources.

"I started swallowing really prematurely," he reportedly said. "I didn't chew my food very well."

Read vomited after the contest and threw up several more times into the next day. He reportedly said he could not drink anything nor swallow his own saliva.

Doctors decided to place Read under operation after an endoscopy revealed a 1.5-inch chunk of hot-dog was wedged at the point where his esophagus met his stomach, sources say.

Read is now able to eat solid food again, according to reports.

Sources say Read has tweeted about the incident several times since his surgery.

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