Fisherman Reels In 115-Pound Catfish


by Casie Kolbinsky

UNITED KINGDOM--Photographers have finally captured a photo of the massive, famous catfish known in England as "the Duke."

The photo shows the man who caught the fish, 67-year-old Rodney Hills, sitting beside his giant catch. Hills caught the 115-pound wels catfish in early June and told sources it took him close to half an hour to reel it in. Members of the Catfish Conservation Group fishing party helped Hills remove the fish from the water and weigh it.

"It was quite a struggle," Hills reportedly said.

The catfish was easily identified as the Duke by a circular scar located nears its dorsal fin. Hills used smoked pork sausage to catch the fish, reports say.

Wels catfish are prevalent in southern England and thoughout continental Europe. Sources say some of these famous creatures have been known to grow larger than 115 pounds - some can get as long as 10 feet and weight close to 300 pounds.

Some fisherman have reportedly filmed wels catfish jumping out of the water to feed on pigeons along the shorelines of France.


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