Man Says Zombies Made Him Steal Big Rig


by WCCB Charlotte

FRENCH VALLEY,CA--A man says zombies were the reason he stole an 18 wheeler and caused multiple wrecks on a California highway.

According to the California Highway Patrol Jerimiah Hartline, 19, began his zombie escape when he carjacked a big rig that was carrying strawberries.

After stealing the truck, reports say Hartline drove down interstate 15, sideswiping vehicles and later flipping the rig on its side, injuring seven people and blocking four lanes of traffic.

Witnesses say Hartline tried to steal a van after escaping the rig but the van's driver detained him until police arrived.

California Highway Patrol said when they arrived at the scene Hartline appeared to be in an altered state of mind and kept claiming he was being chased by zombies.







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