Men Caught Stealing 9-Foot Chicken Statue


by Casie Kolbinsky

SAN MATEO, F.L.--Three men are facing grand theft charges after they allegedly ran away with a 9-foot chicken statue Tuesday in Florida.

Authorities arrested Darrin Luke Edwards, 19, Tyler Lee Jones, 21, and James Joseph Smith, 18, after the owner of the statue said he caught the men stealing his 600-pound purple aluminum chicken statue Tuesday morning, according to reports.

The owner, Ben Smith, told authorities he heard noise outside at around 6 a.m. When he walked outdoors, he said he saw a Chevrolet truck dragging the bird down the street. One of the men had allegedly ridden the chicken's back close to a mile down the road. The owner reportedly said the men then unhooked the statue and drove away.

Authorities were able to identify and find the suspects using video surveillance and information provided by eyewitnesses, sources say.

Officials have released Smith and Jones from Putnam County Jail on a $1,004 bond. Edwards remains in jail without bond - authorities also charged him with a probation violation, according to reports.

The bird had a lacerated leg, cracked claw and scratched side following the incident. Sources say the statue had been valued at $2,300. 


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