Unemployed Teacher Finds and Returns $20,000


by Casie Kolbinsky

TEXAS--An unemployed teacher returned a bag of $20,000 to the bank after she discovered it lying on the side of a Texas road Tuesday.
Candace Scott had been driving home from the veterinarian's office when she noticed a bag lying in the street. She then pulled over, looked inside and found about $20,000. Sources say she then returned it to a nearby Chase bank after she'd seen the bag contained the Chase label.
The bank manager heard Scott pounding on the bank's door around 8 a.m. She allowed Scott to turn in the money before the bank opened that day, reports say.
Scott told sources the manager had been grateful when she turned in the bag.
"She told me I'm the most honest person in the world, and I said 'Or the dumbest,'" she reportedly said.
Sources say Scott, who used to work as a middle school teacher, had doubted the bag contained anything special.
"It looked like a gallon-size baggie with a blue zipper on top," she reportedly said. "It just barely caught my eye, and I thought it was money [and] then was like, 'Nah, it's probably a dirty diaper.'"
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