Women In Trouble After Trying To Fulfill 'Bucket List'


by Casie Kolbinsky

OCALA, F.L.--Two friends are sitting in a central Florida jail after allegedly trying to cross shoplifting off their bucket list.

Andrea Mobley, 36, and Jennifer Morrow, 38, face petty theft charges after stealing beef jerky and bathing suits from a Wal-Mart Wednesday, sources say.

Reports say the women had not seen each other in years and that shoplifting from a retail store had been one of the tasks on their "bucket list."

Mobley was reportedly eating the jerky in the store while Morrow concealed bathing suits inside her purse. Workers detained the two after they tried taking the goods without paying, police say.

Mobley told a local newspaper they were just "two stupid women" participating in something they had never done before. She also said she felt ashamed for the act.



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