Weird News

Boston Twins Born 24 Days Apart

Twins born in Boston don't have the same birthday. In fact, they weren't born in the same month Read More »

GPS In Teddy Bear Helps Cops Catch Alleged Thief

Police in Georgia say they used a GPS device hidden inside a Teddy bear to track down the toy and apprehend a suspect in the theft. Read More »

Bride Under Fire For Attaching Baby To Wedding Dress

After a Tennessee bride attached her baby to the train of the wedding dress, people are responding negatively to her actions. Read More »

Puppy Drives Car Into Massachusetts Pond

After going for a walk, a German shepherd puppy owned by a Massachusetts man decided to go for a drive -- straight into a pond. Read More »

Deer Gets Inside Local Hospital

Local hospital workers handled a very unusual patient Thursday: a deer! It happened Thursday morning at CMC Northeast.

Detroit Woman Turning 115 Years Old

A Detroit-area woman believed to be among the oldest people on earth is turning 115. Read More »

Family Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack | VIDEO

Check out this surveillance video that shows a family cat saving a child from being attacked by a dog. Read More »

Police: Man Drives Drunk To Station To File Report

Police say a 31-year-old man has been arrested after he drove to a Louisiana state police headquarters while drunk to file an accident report. Read More »

Live Grenade Discovered at Salisbury Business

The owner of Beggars Bazaar in Salisbury played it safe when he discovered a live grenade in a box.

The Good, The Bad and The Weird -- Library Card Worth $2300

It's time for The Good, The Bad and The Weird

Texas High School Football Player Shows His Speed on the Field

A high school football player is heating up the web throwing passes to himself. Read More »

The Oldest Man in the World Enjoys Life in Manhattan

At 111 years old, Dr. Alexander Imich enjoys life in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Read More »

Panhandling with a Purpose

Teri Ross of Portland, Maine is a panhandler, but for a purpose more than just asking for money. Read More »

Beezin' is the Latest Bizarre Trend Going Viral with Teenagers

Steve Smith and Wilson join the Rising crew back in the studio to discuss the dangerous teen trend called 'Beezin'. Read More »

Mom Gives Birth to Fourteen Pound Baby

A mom gave birth to the largest baby born in Boston General Hospital in almost a decade. Read More »