Weird News

3-Year-Old Girl 'Woke' During Her Funeral

A three-year-old girl woke up during her funeral in the Philippines and the YouTube video went viral. Read More »

No Charges for Man Seen Riding on Trunk of Car on I-77

Witnesses say the car was going about 50 miles per hour near exit seven. One witness shot this cell phone video...

Couple High On Molly Hallucinate Bear - Girlfriend Jumps Off Cliff

A Vermont man convinced his girlfriend to jump off a cliff during a bear attack while on a camping trip. Read More »

Good-Looking Felon's Mugshot Goes Viral

A bad boy's mug shot has ladies around the country talking... not about his crime, but his good looks!

Bull Loose After Trailer Overturns In Hickory

Livestock on the loose! Several cows and a giant bull got loose after a trailer overturned on a major road in Hickory.

Boston Twins Born 24 Days Apart

Twins born in Boston don't have the same birthday. In fact, they weren't born in the same month Read More »

GPS In Teddy Bear Helps Cops Catch Alleged Thief

Police in Georgia say they used a GPS device hidden inside a Teddy bear to track down the toy and apprehend a suspect in the theft. Read More »

Bride Under Fire For Attaching Baby To Wedding Dress

After a Tennessee bride attached her baby to the train of the wedding dress, people are responding negatively to her actions. Read More »

Puppy Drives Car Into Massachusetts Pond

After going for a walk, a German shepherd puppy owned by a Massachusetts man decided to go for a drive -- straight into a pond. Read More »

Deer Gets Inside Local Hospital

Local hospital workers handled a very unusual patient Thursday: a deer! It happened Thursday morning at CMC Northeast.

Detroit Woman Turning 115 Years Old

A Detroit-area woman believed to be among the oldest people on earth is turning 115. Read More »

Family Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack | VIDEO

Check out this surveillance video that shows a family cat saving a child from being attacked by a dog. Read More »

Police: Man Drives Drunk To Station To File Report

Police say a 31-year-old man has been arrested after he drove to a Louisiana state police headquarters while drunk to file an accident report. Read More »

Live Grenade Discovered at Salisbury Business

The owner of Beggars Bazaar in Salisbury played it safe when he discovered a live grenade in a box.

The Good, The Bad and The Weird -- Library Card Worth $2300

It's time for The Good, The Bad and The Weird