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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Drops Re-Election Bid, Starts Chemotherapy

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dropped a re-election bid on Friday after doctors found an abdominal tumor that they say is malignant. Read More »

Military Commander Open to U.S. Troops on Ground to Fight ISIS

The White House quickly responded saying the U.S. will not deploy ground troops in a combat role.

3,000 U.S. Troops to Fight Ebola in West Africa

The troops will build clinics, train health workers and deliver medical supplies.

U.S. Gaining Support to Fight ISIS

About 40 nations have agreed to join the coalition against the terror group. Several countries have even pledged ground troops to fight ISIS.

Intelligence Says ISIS Strength is Growing

Intelligence information is painting a new picture of ISIS, who President Obama has vowed to dismantle and destroy.

America Remembers September 11th

The nation is pausing to look back on one of our country's darkest days. Thirteen years ago, terrorists used airplanes to forever change the landscape of American history.

Former FBI AD Reacts to President's ISIS Strategy

He says it's good the President is addressing the need to take on the ISIS threat, but has concerns at the amount of details given in Wednesday's speech.

Scientists Say The Ozone Layer Is Recovering

Earth's protective but fragile ozone layer is beginning to recover, largely because of the phase-out since the 1980s of certain chemicals used in refrigerants and aerosol cans, a U.N. scientific panel reported Wednesday in a rare piece of good news about the health of the planet. Read More »

President Obama to Address Nation on ISIS Strategy

Wednesday, President Obama will share his plan to deal with ISIS with the entire country. The President met with Congressional leaders Tuesday.

President Obama to Lay Out ISIS Strategy

President Obama will meet with Congressional leaders Tuesday to lay out his strategy to defeat ISIS. He'll tell his plan to the country on Wednesday.

Fourth Ebola Patient Returns to U.S.

A fourth Ebola patient is being flown from West Africa to the United States for treatment.

Third American Ebola Patient Arrives At Nebraska Medical Center

American Ebola patient Dr. Rick Sacra arrived around 8 a.m. Friday at the Nebraska Medical Center.

SIM Doctor Infected with Ebola Heads Back to U.S.

A doctor with ties to Charlotte who is infected with the Ebola virus is on his way back to the United States Thursday night.

Charlotte Missionary Talks About Battle with Ebola

Charlotte missionary Nancy Writebol spoke for the first time Wednesday about her battle with Ebola.

Sotloff Family Speaks Out About ISIS Murder

The White House confirms video showing the beheading of Steven Sotloff is real. Read More »

CDC Director: Ebola Outbreak 'Out of Control'

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the Ebola outbreak is out of control, and travel restrictions may be making things worse. Read More »

ISIS Video Shows Beheading Of Second American Journalist

The ISIS terror group has published a video titled "A second message to America," showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. Read More »

Three Americans Detained in N. Korea 'Getting Desperate'

The Obama Administration says it is doing what it can to secure the releases of three Americans being held in North Korea. Read More »

U.S. Halts Air Strikes in Iraq

President Obama says America doesn't have a strategy to deal with the growing threat in the Middle East. Read More »

Ebola Cases Could Exceed 20,000

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa eventually could exceed 20,000 cases, more than six times as many as doctors know about now, the World Health Organization said Thursday. Read More »

Chiquita Stresses Merge With Fyffes Will Achieve $20 Million In Savings

Chiquita and Fyffes are pushing for support for their merger. In a letter to stockholders, the companies stressed the deal would achieve an additional $20 million in annual savings by 2016. Read More »

American Journalist Released by Islamic Militants

A U.S. journalist held captive for nearly two years is back in America and says he's overwhelmed with emotion.

American ISIS Supporter Killed In Syria

Officials say an American who died last weekend in Syria was an ISIS militant. Many Americans have joined extremists overseas. Still, some of Douglas McCain's family members are having trouble believing he was one of them. Read More »

FBI Says SouthPark Mall Threat Not Credible

A reported terrorist threat against SouthPark Mall had the social media world buzzing.

Obama: U.S. Won't Stop Confronting Islamic State

President Barack Obama says the United States will continue to confront Islamic State extremists despite the brutal murder of journalist James Foley. Read More »