Britain's Iron Lady laid to rest with full pomp


LONDON (AP) — Pomp and protest marked the funeral today for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, reflecting her status as a commanding and polarizing political figure.

Bishop of London Richard Chartres referred to the strong feelings the former prime minister still evokes, saying today was neither the time nor the place to debate her legacy of controversy.

Security was stepped up after Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Spectators lining the route broke into applause — and scattered boos — as the carriage passed by. Some people staged silent protests by turning their backs upon Thatcher's coffin. One man held a banner declaring "Rest in shame" and arguments broke out in the crowd.

Invited mourners included political colleagues and rivals, dignitaries from around the world, 11 prime ministers and former U.S. Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Schultz.


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146-r-26-(Sound of solemn music accompanying Margaret Thatcher's coffin, in procession)--Sound of funereal music played by the Band of the Royal Marines as the Gun Carriage carrying Margaret Thatcher's coffin threads through London towards St Paul's Cathedral. (17 Apr 2013)

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142-a-17-(Kim Madoux (mah-DOO'), visitor from Houston, in AP interview)-"what they say"-Kim Madoux who's from Houston equates Margaret Thatcher with Britain's World War II leader Winston Churchill. (17 Apr 2013)

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141-a-09-(John Loughrey, Londoner, in AP interview)-"thousands years time"-Londoner John Loughrey says Margaret Thatcher was a top drawer politician who'll be honored for many years to come. (17 Apr 2013)

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139-r-35-(Sound of bells as Margaret Thatcher's coffin was moved into St. Clement Danes Church, in ceremony)--Sound of bells as former British leader Margaret Thatcher's coffin was brought in to St. Clement Danes Church for a short ceremony prior ot the funeral at St Paul's Cathedral. (17 Apr 2013)

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