President Obama Speaks Out Against ISIS


by WCCB Charlotte

 WASHINGTON -- New U.S. airstrikes Wednesday night against ISIS terrorists in Iraq.  The strikes come as President Obama blasts the terror group over the murder of an American journalist.

"There has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread.  It has to be a clear rejection of these kind of nihilistic ideologies," said the President.

ISIS released a video on Tuesday showing James Foley being beheaded.  The video is too graphic for television.  The Pentagon says the U.S. tried to rescue Foley and others, but couldn't find them.  Foley's father, John Foley, says he was a martyr for freedom.

 "And we know he's in God's hands.  And we know... he was doing God's work.  And we know he's in heaven," he said.

ISIS has also threatened to kill Time Magazine contributor Steve Sotloff if President Obama does not stop airstrikes in Iraq.

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