EgyptAir Plane Resumes Flight To China After Bomb Threat

An EgyptAir aircraft that made an emergency landing on Wednesday in Uzbekistan following a bomb threat has resumed its flight to Beijing, Egyptian officials said, the latest in a series of deadly or damaging air travel incidents involving Egypt.

Child Demolishes $15K Lego Statue

Within the first hour of the expo in China, a young boy pushed over a human-sized sculpture and sent its pieces toppling to the ground, according to state-run CCTV.

IS Bombings In Baghdad, Near Iraqi Capital Kill At Least 24

A wave of bombings claimed by the Islamic State group targeted commercial areas in and around Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 24 people in attacks that came as Iraqi troops poised to recapture Fallujah, a city held by the extremists group west of Iraq's capital.

Obama Lifts Decades-Old Arms Ban In His 1st Visit To Vietnam

U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday lifted a half-century-old ban on selling arms to Vietnam, looking to bolster a government seen as a crucial, though flawed partner in a region that he has tried to place at the center of his foreign policy legacy.

Treasures Found in Auschwitz Mug

Workers at the Auschwitz Museum found a gold ring and necklace that had been concealed in a false base of a mug confiscated by Nazis.

Greece: Searchers See Body Part, Seats, Luggage

Greece's defense minister says Greek authorities have received notification that Egyptian authorities had spotted a body part, two seats and suitcases during their search in the Mediterranean Sea for the crashed EgyptAir Flight 804.



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