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We're Headed Back to School on the Dance Party Because 'Baby Got Class'

Thanks to the Holderness Family the Rising crew is getting ready for school with their great viral video "Baby Got Class." Read More »

It's Not Only Friday, but it is Also 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time' with the Dance Party

We love a good sandwich on Rising, so thanks to the Buckwheat Boyz it's "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" on the Friday Dance Party. Read More »

'Latch' onto Rising's Friday Dance Party

Latch onto the Rising dance floor with a little help of "Disclosure", Sam Smith and the Rising crew. Read More »

Gonna 'Get Up Offa That Thing' and Dance

The 'Rising' crew is looking forward to checking out the new James Brown bio-pic so they are gonna "Get Up Offa That Thing.' Read More »

A Purr-fect Dance Party with Sir Purr

It's a packed Dance Party Friday with many special guests, from mascots to professional dancers! Read More »

'What is It'...It's a Starfish Joining the Rising Crew for the Friday Dance Party

It's "What is It" by Baby Bash and Sean Kingston for the Friday Dance Party. Read More »

The Rising Crew and the Kids at Camp are Gonna 'Let the Groove Get In'

JT is hitting the cablebox Saturday, so the Rising Crew is getting ready for his party and they are gonna "Let the Groove Get In." Read More »

Rising's 'Back in the USA' for this 4th of July Dance Party

Get up off your feet for the Rising Dance party! We're celebrating the Fourth of July with some Chuck Berry tunes. Join us in grooving to "Back in the USA"! Read More »

Celebrating Team USA with 'Hearts Upon Our Sleeves' on the Friday Dance Party

The Rising crew is pulling for team USA to win the World Cup so we have our "Hearts Upon Our Sleeves." Read More »

It's Hot Outside and Inside with Jamiroquai and 'Canned Heat'

It's not only hot outside, but inside the studio as well when the crew heats up the dance floor with Jamiroquai and "Canned Heat." Read More »

Friday Dance Party: 'We are One' As Rising Celebrates the World Cup

Grab your dancing shoes, Rising starts your weekend early jamming out to the 2014 World Cup theme song, "We Are One" by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. GOAL! Read More »

The Rising Crew is 'Here for the Party' - Country Music Style

It's a Friday Dance Party country style with Gretchen Wilson and "Here for the Party." Read More »

Friday Dance Party with Split Second Sound: 'Ain't It Fun' Dancing on Rising?!

Get up off your feet, it's the Friday Dance Party! We're jamming to Paramore's "Ain't it Fun" with Split Second Sound. Read More »

Friday Dance Party: Turning On The Red Lights!

Rising got your Friday started right with TiĆ«sto and a little dancing. Read More »

It's Friday and the 'Rising' Crew is Ready for 'Twistin' the Night Away'

It's the late great Sam Cooke getting us ready for "Twistin' the Night Away." Read More »

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