Charlotte Practice Brings Psychology to the Masses


by Derek James/Photojournalist Mike Thomas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Although he knows his way around a chromakey screen, Dr. G isn't the newest meteorologist at WCCB even though his name would work.

Dr. Frank Gaskill is a psychologist and partner in Southeast Psych. He's also the host of the “Dr. G Aspie Show,” a weekly web program that focuses on Aspergers and its positive traits. His show and others are part of an important mission.

"Making psychology fun and showing that it can enhance people's lives," explains Dr. Gaskill. "This is about getting these quick bites of psychology to people in an exciting way that they find relevant."

From “Dr. G's Aspies are Awesome” to “The Mind Matters Show” and the “Psych Mom,” they're building their own psychology tv network on the web.

Dr. Gaskill and Southeast Psych co-founder Dr. Dave Verhaagen say it's one piece in building their dream practice."

"We've got great talent here, people who are comfortable on camera. We've also have people that are genuine experts in their field," says Dr. Verhaagen.

The response from viewers and the psychology community has been positive, and that's what Dr. Verhaagen says makes them one of the most innovative practices in the country.

"The practice of psychology has historically been focused on what's wrong with people, where things aren't right, how to fix things and positive psychology which is the new wave of psychology has really been focused more on what's right with people."

An important message, and one they will continue to take to the masses.