Distracted Driving in Charlotte Series Pt. 2

When and where wrecks are most likely to happen around Charlotte.


by Derek James/Photojournalists Adam Stevens/Marvin Beach

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Traffic Safety Unit of the North Carolina Department of Transportation reported 81 crashes in Mecklenburg County during 2012 where officers listed distracted driving as contributing to the accident. The data does not say if someone was texting while driving which is illegal in North Carolina.

"It's really hard to make judgment based on those reporting statistics because different police departments may report differently as far as how they list contributing circumstances," says Sgt. Stason Tyrrell of the Matthews Police Department.

"It would be a great help if they would put on the reports or somehow being able to report that during this crash texting while driving was an issue," explains Officer Jonathan Credan of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

In combing through the reports WCCB News learned that over 70% of the accidents happened during the afternoon hours. Times when you are picking up your kids from school or heading home from work. Most were between 4 & 6pm. That's the time when there are the most cars on the road.

WCCB also identified three areas outside the city had the most wrecks.

The Pineville area ranks third overall with a number of wrecks near highway 51 and 485 and around Carolina Place Mall.

The second largest cluster of distracted driver wrecks was in the Huntersville/Cornelius area. Many on or near Sam Furr Road.

Want to know Charlotte's top distracted driver danger zone?

Wednesday, May 15th at 6:45am on Rising we'll reveal the number one distracted driving hot spot and the small change in behavior that police say could make all the difference.