The Best of the Snark Report: The Kardashians, an Old Friend, a Spoiled Teen and Bad Olympic Water


by Derek James
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  From the Kardashian sisters to Burger King, we hit the best  of the high life, the sporting life and the help of a "friend."

Opening up with the Kardashians....seems like the better the neighborhood, the less they want the Kardashians.

Actor David Schwimmer made new "friends"  in New York.

Remeber the The New Jersey girl who sued her parents for a college education?

The rings in the 2016 Olympics are not only on the games logo, but also around Rio's sinks and toilets.

As if Kim K needs something else to add to her list of fake items....

Burger King is changing their slogan replacing with a new motto that says it is OK to not be perfect...good thing, because it's not a perfect slogan.


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