The Best of the Snark Report: 4th of July Hot Snarking on Derek and Wilson


by Derek James
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Derek is taking the 4th off, but he couldn't leave us without a hot snark  to kick off our holiday weekend.  Thanks to Will Smith's kids, the Kardashians and a few cartoons he leaves with some of his best.

We find out that Derek mows his grass in a very unfashionable way.   And Wilson manages to scare his entire neighborhood when he hits the pool.  Hide your eyes kids!

Will Smith's kids don't care for the teddy bear when they curl up for bed.

Kris Kardashian really pushing for son Rob to be more of a loser than being affiliated with the Kardashians already makes him.

Beauty & the Beast going live.  DJ has an idea for casting one of the parts.

Scooby Doo...what happend to you?

Burger King gets a new slogan.  It's OK to be you Burger King.

More Kardashian news...the residents in the posh Hamptons don't care for the "riff-raff."

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