The Best of the Snark Report: Pooping Puppies, Musical Moments and a Junk Food Bandit


by Derek James
Bio | Email | Follow: @DerekJamesTV by D. Barnes - Web Producer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  Who can forget the pooping puppy on a plane, the crooning clown, the Madonna musical madness and the bad vocal stylings of D-Jams on the Snark Report?  How hard we tried.

Puppies are so cute..but not when they are pooping on a plane.

Puddles the Clown has the golden voice that took over YouTube.  Derek has the nails on a chalkboard voice that we tried to drown in the shower.

Brian McKnight has his issues with the IRS...and what does Derek do..he pulls out a microphone!!! Will it never end?

But, even the professionals can cause the common man to lose his lunch.  Madonna and Miley get together for a duo and ruin country music for everyone.

The curly fries bandit strikes. 

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