The Snark Report with Derek James: Taking a Bite Out of Fame...One Snark at a Time


by Derek James
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  Fake baby sightings,  going from soccer to TV,  kicking some pigskin butt, a nod to Jar Jar Binks and  giving Kristine a rough time.

The newest member of the Kimye union was out for a stroll...maybe she should be called  "Fakaby."

It's the bite talked about around the it just might be seen on the "Vampire Dairies."  You should do what you are good at Suarez..

NFL kicker ready to kick some pig skin...American style.

In a Tori Spelling update: she says marriage good;  we say new reality show...eeehhhh.

George Lucas forking over $1 billion of his Star Wars dollars to build a museum for the Death Star and all the characters from his Star Wars franchise.  Jar Jar Binks won't be left behind.

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