The Snark Report with Derek James: Bells, Snakes and Tats...All on today's Snark Report


by Derek James
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  It's Duggar wedding bells, Lifetime "Saved by the Bell," snakes for the Smiths & Kardashians and tattoos for teens.

The Duggers are getting ready for the big wedding day.  Really hope they made it through the sex-ed class at school.

Lifetime network does it again...It's a tell all for Saved by the Bell...a dark tale of Bayside. 

Forget snakes on a plane.  Willow and Jaden Smith keep their cold blooded reptiles a little closer to home.

Seems the Kardashians are slimier than Jaden & Willow's Kris is trying to get more publicity thanks to the chubby cheeks of her son Rob.  Seems Kris is the biggest loser.

If your pre-teen is headed over to a friend's house for a sleep-over, better check them out for tattoos when they get back home.

Please Derek, say it isn't waffle taco tat for you......

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