The Snark Report with Derek James: It's a 'Snarknado' Attack!


by Derek James
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  What could be as bad as Sharknado 2?   What about DJ's Sharpnado 2?  No one is immume...lookout Kristine it's a Snarknado attack! 

Ding, ding...round one of the rumble...the Biebs vs Orlando Bloom.  Duck Biebs, duck!  Oh, he already has.

The mill is working overtime on a Jay-Z Beyonce divorce rumor.   Apartment hunting doesn't help.

Seems that one dating website has not been "OK."  Was that match so perfect?

And if it wasn't bad enough that Sharknado is back with a second installment.... now Derek shows up with his own production of Sharpnado 1.  As Derek so proudly puts's "the one minute movie of our generation." 

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