Best of the Snark Report:: Best of the Snark with the Worst of Musical Talent


by Derek James
Bio | Email | Follow: @DerekJamesTV by D. Barnes - Web Producer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  Some of the worst musical talents give us some of the best for snarking and DJ found it for today's "Best of Snark."

Bad music - Take 1:  Paris Hilton seemed to find somebody to produce another album for her.  Hope they got their money up front they're gonna need it.

Bad music - Take 2: A Justin Bieber look-alike thinks he also a Bieber sound-alike. ears are hurting.

Chris Berman makes his own noise standing up to cancer.

And again another reason to believe the Brits have better manners than Americans.  But proff that we might have a dirtier mouth...thanks to bugs.

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