The Snark Report with Derek James: Snarking Up the Right Tree with Pets, Pot and the Rising Crew


by Derek James
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  Crazy cat ladies come in all ages and hair colors, New York jumps on the pot palooza band wagon, and the Rising crew...well, they are the Rising crew.

Crazy Cat Lady #1 - Singer Kesha starting her own cat cult, glitter and all.

Crazy Cat Lady #2 - A woman is going to eat only cat, dog and bird food for 30 days to prove how nutritious the food can be.  Question...what's the largest size litter box her husband can buy?

New York approves medical marijauna.  It's a party in the Today Show studios...Kathie Lee and Hoda style.  Can't wait for Friday, Friday, Friday.......

TV show descriptions are getting a little more detailed and accurate?  But what about the new description of the WCCB News Rising morning show?   Kristine goes on the defense...nice moves Kristine...zippers and all.

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