The Snark Report with Derek James: Snarking on Returns, Nose Dives and Animated Glam


by Derek James
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  Bad music videos Paris Hilton style, TMZ reports Rosie returning to The View, The Situation's mom packs a wallop, Humpty Dumpty has another great fall and Marge Simpson hits the high fashion scene.

Well, it finally had to happen...Paris Hilton made another music video.  Even the unicorns were trying to find a place to hide.

Looks like The View has filled one of their vacant seats.  Duck.

Who says living on the Jersey Shore was all fun and games.  Ask The Situation about his mom's rough right hook.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...again.  Some kids never grow up.

MAC Cosmetics has found their next fashion forward actress that all ladies want to look like...Marge Simpson. this Throwback Thursday?

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