Derek's Snark Report: Canada's Troublemakers, Nick Wants Wahlberg, & Mirren's Moves


by Kathryn Searles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Derek's got some fun this Friday in the Snark Report.

First it was Rob Ford, then Biebs, now Carly Rae Jepsen is giving Canada a bad wrap! She's accused of stealing Ally Burnett's song. They have to pay her $804,000!

Mark Wahlberg will be hosting the kid-friendly show Nick Awards on Nickelodean. When's the last time he's been in a kid's movie?

And Helen Miren is giving Miley a run for her money - at least, when it comes to playing charades!

You've probably heard the big changes ahead in NASCAR. If you win a regular season race, you're in the Sprint Cup. It just means Danica Patrick still won't make the Cup!