The Snark Report with Derek James: It's a Brawl on a Boat, Bowls on the Head and Booty Boasting


by Derek James
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  Feel like losing your temper?...getting a new haircut?...or maybe a little plastic surgery?

Uh....Bieber, you need to put on your big boy pants or maybe change the diaper.

Proof positive that you don't have to have a large vocabulary to be a member of team Bieber.

Country star Trace Adkins finds himself heading from a cruise ship to rehab after getting into a fight with...himself?

They say everything old is new least for Miley Cyrus' new "bowl" haircut.

And if just watching a reality star on TV wasn't enough, now we can see the "creation" of one, butt and all.

On a more serious note:  Somebody please find Kristine's husband a job!

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