Dr. Tony: Health Risks of Sitting At Your Desk


by Kathryn Searles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Sedentary tasks on the job does more than add some inches to your waistline. Dr. Tony Hyser is dishing out the hidden health risks.

Hyser, of Providence Health Center, says most people don't have their work station set up in a way that is good for their back. You can get lumbar support or support for your neck. He recommends boosting the computer monitor up so that it is eye level.

If you feel a slight haze, you could be suffering from "foggy brain." Make sure you get enough oxygen by getting up and moving around.

You'll also be more sluggish because your insulin levels decrease. Sedentary muscles don't respond to insulin. It can create muscle problems.

Hyser says get a yoga ball or wobble disc to activiate your core muscles. That'll force your body to protect itself better.


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