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Pizzazz, This Week's Pet Project

Seven month old Pizzazz may not warm up to you right away, but give her a little time and she will give you plenty of lap time. Read More »

Franco, This Week's Pet Project

Four year old Franco is a loving and affectionate Pit Bull Mix with a personality that will steal your heart. Read More »

Meet Amos In This Week's Pet Project

Amos, a 6-year-old foxhound, is the star of this week's Pet Project. Read More »

Hal, This Week's Pet Project

Three year old Hal is a short-haired tabby who is calm, relaxed and enjoys head scratches. Read More »

Oodle, Doodle, and Tootle, This Week's Pet Project

Meet Oodle, Doodle, and Tootle! They are three super cute and super fun kittens. Read More »

Shadow, This Week's Pet Project

Shadow is a 3 year old "private investigator" that is looking for a new home. Read More »

Gotti, This Week's Pet Project

Gotti is a 9 month old Pitt Bull with a lot of energy. Read More »

Berta, Ben and Maria, This Week's Pet Project

Today's Pet Project brings us three sweet little kittens. Barta, Ben and Maria are looking for a new home. Read More »

Meet Betty The Kitten In Today's Pet Project

Today's Pet Project is Betty the kitten, and she is just one of the many kittens up for adoption by the CMPD's Animal Care and Control Division. Read More »

Sasha, This Week's Pet Project

Sasha is an 8 year old shorthair cat with a lot of personality. Read More »

Chara, This Week's Pet Project and Oreo, AC&C Dog Day Contest Winner

Three year old Chara is this week's Pet Project and Oreo is CMPD's AC&C National Dog Day Contest winner. Read More »

Lacey, This Week's Pet Project

Five year old Lacey visits the studio today and she was a calm sweetheart while we learned more about this weekend's Animal Kneads Day. Read More »

Pet Project Is Sliding Into Home

A big adoption event is just around the corner, and it's got a baseball theme! Read More »

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