The Good, The Bad and The Weird -- Bad Cop


by Jennifer Miller

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's time to start your Tuesday the right way with The Good, The Bad and the Weird.

The Good -- A marine in San Francisco bought a house in January, right before he was deployed. It was super rundown and he didn't have time to fix it up. So he asked his friend, a former marine, to look after the place until he got back.

His friend decided to raise money and find volunteers to help renovate the place. The money and team he rounded up put $70,000 worth of renovations into the house before the marine got back.

The Bad -- A cop in Florida just got fired from his job because he took two drunk friends out in his squad car and actually he let them harass people over the car's PA.

A woman sees them, calls 911 and goes on to explain what they were yelling out of the squad car.

The Weird -- This is certainly a glaringly weird mistake. An unnamed British company has completely confused Barack Obama with England Soccer Player Chris Smalling on World Cup merchandise.

After the company realized a whoopsie in a mug set, that it blames on Google images, its stopped production.  

There are still about two-thousand Obama England mugs still out there!