The Good, The Bad and The Weird -- Library Card Worth $2300


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's time for The Good, The bad and The Weird.

The Good -- A catty comment turns into some good inspiration and a complete life change. "I was almost 250 pounds...I've ever seen."

 Instead of feeling bad about his comment, this girl started working out, and lost 128 pounds in one year! Now she's a hooters girl with even bigger aspirations.

She's also getting her master's degree in business. As for the shaved head, it's in support of her sister who has breast cancer.

The Bad -- A terrible first date is live tweeted for all of the world to  read every awkward detail. Here's the list of tweets from a woman eavesdropping on the not so in love, birds. 

The series of tweets starts with this: The girl sneezes and the guy didn't say "god bless you."

He suggests she orders a salad. When they get on the topic of careers, he calls her job  "cute." And finally, he won't stop interrupting her. Hashtag worst date ever. 

The Weird -- According to a new study by the UK department for culture, media and sports, getting a library card makes you super happy! 

You may be thinking, this can't be right. Well, weirdly enough, it is!  Supposedly it makes you just as happy as getting a pay raise worth $2300.