The Good, The Bad and The Weird -- World's Ugliest Dog


by Jennifer Miller

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's time for the Good, the Bad and the Weird.  

The Good -- Meet the "world's ugliest dog," Peanut! He's a  two year old mutt from Greenville. Poor peanut lost his lips and eyelids in a fire, so his eyes are always bugging out, and it always looks like he's smiling.

Peanut's owner won $1,500 from the "world's ugliest dog contest" and is using the money to pay other pets' vet bills.    

The Bad -- A daycare center in Texas is being investigated because one of the owners duct-taped kids to their sleeping mats, so they would stay still during naptime. An employee at the center took pictures of one of the kids taped to his mat, and sent them out to a bunch of parents, and then she quit her job. The state is investigating.

The Weird -- Kids these days are getting video game scholarships! A  A small private University in Chicago is offering big money for players of the popular game, league of legends. They're calling it an alternative  sports scholarship.