The Good, The Bad and The Weird -- A Mic That Amplifies Your Voice To The Back-Seaters


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's time for The Good, The Bad and The Weird with Kristine.

The Good -- The new 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan is going to have an option called driver easy speak.    It's a microphone in the driver's seat that amplifies your voice through the speakers in the backseat. So basically it will make it easier to yell at your kids!         

 The Bad -- There's a twitter feed solely dedicated to tweeting the timeliness of the president. It's @howlatewasobama. The last tweet shows that he was 11 minutes late.  
 The Weird -- In a 'funny or die' video called 'Honest Fairy Tales' Cinderella makes the argument that fairy tales really aren't how we remember them to be from our childhood.