The Six Bags Every Woman Should Own


by Jennifer Miller

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- We found this post on on the six bags every woman should own.

Of course you need different colors of each of the six bags too!

First, the everyday bag. It's the basic, work-horse bag that carries what you need for the day.    

Next, gotta have a cool crossbody bag. Clutch mag says their perfect for weekends, running errands, and they keep your hands free.        

The list also says you need a day clutch and a night clutch. Of course, you get a small clutch big enough for the must-have items: lipgloss, cash, cards, phone.            

Next, moms of little ones always have  a tote bag.  

Last, there's the weekend bag, which is like a bigger version of your everyday bag. These bags typically have enough space to tuck away a few clothes for a quick 2 day trip.

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