It's the First Day of School for Kids, Teachers and Wilson at Lake Wylie Elementary


by Jon Wilson
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by Mike Thomas, Photojournalist
by D. Barnes - WCCB Web Producer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  The first day of school, love it or hate it, it's the day all kids and teachers get excited about.  And who better to welcome the kids at Lake Wylie Elementary School than the world's biggest kid...Wilson. 

After welcoming the students back to school for the new year,  Wilson was even allowed to go inside the school and talk with Ms. Campbell, who is beginning her first year as a 1st grade teacher.  He also enjoyed singing and dancing around with the students and talking with them about their classes and what they like most about school.

Big thanks to Principal Bostwick, the teachers and the students at Lake Wylie Elementary School for allowing Wilson to crash their first day of school.  And even bigger thanks to CMS for giving him an education....well, what he remembers, anyway.

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