Wilson Continues His Tee Shirts for Donations Campaign on Thursday


by Jon Wilson/ Mike Thomas Photojournalist
by D Barnes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -    Wilson was in South Charlotte at the Arboretum McDonald's today giving away his tee shirts for donations to the Red Cross.  By the time the show was over he had raised over $600 for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

Wilson will continue his campaign on Thursday at the McDonald's on South Blvd at Remount Road, 2625 South Blvd.  Stop by, say hi and donate.  Not only will you receive an official, unofficial Wilson for Mayor tee shirt, but as an added bonus, you will also get a free ticket to Saturday's History 300 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway compliments of the folks from CMS.

Catch Wilson on Thursday morning on WCCB News Rising from 5am to 9am.

100% of the proceeds from the tee shirts for donations campaign go directly to the Red Cross and their disaster relief for victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

Stay connected with Wilson on his twitter page at www.Twitter.com/WilsonShow



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