Wilson Gets Schooled at Parrot University


by Jon Wilson
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by Mike Thomas, Photojournalist
by D. Barnes - WCCB Web Producer

PINEVILLE, N.C. -  Wilson was in Pineville finding out a little more about Parrot University and getting an education on some of our fine feathered friends.

Parrot University is a retail store that offers everything you need for taking care of your bird and keeping them happy and healthy.  They offer classes and seminars for parrot owners so they are educated in how to properly take care of their pet.

Parrot University also has parrots who are looking for good homes.  Through Companion Parrots Re-Homed have birds that are looking for new homes.  Companion Parrots accepts parrots from unwanted or crisis situations from around the Charlotte area.  Birds that are brought in to the program are given thorough exams before being adopted out to a new home.


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