Wilson Gets a Little Love from our Fine Feathered Friends at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue


by Jon Wilson
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by Mike Thomas, Photojournalist
by D. Barnes - WCCB Web Producer

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -  Wilson was at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue today where he was joined by his old friend Mr. T, the turkey.   And Mr. T just wouldn't leave Wilson's side.

The rescue receives thousands of  birds each year who have been orphaned, abandoned or hurt.  Right now they are in major need of volunteers as well as donations and great families to adopt the birds.   Tthey not only need funds to take care of the fowl, but due to recent storms they  need to repair damages to pens and fences.

More birds are coming to the rescue now due to mating season, hatching season and the chicks and ducks that well meaning parents purchased for their kids during Easter and are now no longer wanted.

They do approve all adoptions to make sure the birds go to proper homes or locations if they are released out into the wild.  Until July 15th adoption fees will be waived for approved adoptors who can take a rooser with two hens and/or male pekin ducks.  Reduced adoption feels will be offered for other domestic ducks and geese.

If you are not able to adopt one of their residents you can donate or volunteer at the rescue.  Find out more about how you can help at their website cwrescue.org.

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