Wilson Goes Old School Style at The Meat House in Mooresville


by Jon Wilson
Bio | Email | Follow: @WilsonsWorld by Mike Thomas, Photojournalist
by D Barnes

MOORESVILLE, N.C. -   Wilson headed to The Meat House in Mooresville to pick out a juicy steak to throw on the grill this weekend, but he had a conundrum,  trying to choose from their great selection.  After getting a lesson how to cut meat, they actually put a knife in his hands.  And he managed to cut a great steak without hurting himself.

The Meat House is an old style butcher shop that carries not only great cuts of beef, seafood and poultry items but marinades and seasonings as well.   You can get tips and ideas on how to prepare and cook your purchase.  They also carry groceries, beverages, produce, baked items and everything you need for your meal.

The Meat House has 2 locations in the Charlotte area: 491 Williamson Rd in Mooresville and 8410 Rea Road in Charlotte.  Both locations are open from 9am until 7pm daily.  Find out more about  The Meat House at their weblink www.themeathouse.com.

Stay connected with Wilson on his twitter page at www.Twitter.com/WilsonShow.


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