Wilson Hangs Out with Peter the Pig and Boy Scout Troop 11


by Jon Wilson
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by Mike Thomas, Photojournalist
by D. Barnes - WCCB Web Producer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  If you were traveling down Providence Road this morning on the way to work and smelled the wonderful aroma of BBQ cooking when you passed Providence Road United Methodist Church, then you were getting a whiff of the hard work of Boy Scout Troop 11.  Beginning today at 11am, Troop 11 will kick off their big BBQ sale.

Wilson enjoyed the morning hanging out with the scouts, volunteers and the troop's mascot Peter the Pig.  He even enjoyed a BBQ pie in honor of "Pi" Day today.  And who knew a pig knew how to catch a bus?

Boy Scout Troop 11 BBQ Sale  will be held at Providence United Methodist Church located at 2810 Providence Rd in Charlotte today, March 14th from 11am until 8pm and again on Saturday, March 15th from 8am until 1pm.  You can purchase sandwiches, plates or by the pound.  Stop by and maybe you will get your picture made with Peter the pig.

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