Zell or Zilch: Beating Summer Boredom with Family Game Night


by Kathryn Searles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Don't let your kids complain that they're bored this summer! Kristine is checking out some great games for a family game night in Zell or Zilch.

Derek's son Tyler helped Kristine out this week with "Crazy Legs", a wild, new party game that gets kids up and moving while having fun. It's from Endless Games.

"Oddly Obvious" is a trivia game, also from Endless Games. They make cards, dice, trivia and pop culture games.

Plus - a look at a wearable, electrionic game that helps kids give back to the community.

Jigglit teaches kids entrepreneurship. They can sell the jigglit through their ambassador program and then those sales go to charity.

If you know of a product you want Kristine to test out, tell her on our Rising Facebook page.

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