Zell or Zilch: Kid-Friendly Products


by Kathryn Searles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Kristine's testing out kid-friendly products so you don't have to.

Co-host Derek James is helping her out this morning.

The WOW Cup is a cool spin on your traditional sippy cup - perfect for that "uh-oh" stage. It's spill-free and can even stand upside down!

Derek's son Chase approves! The cups come in a variety of colors and are about $10. It's a Zell!

Derek's little one is also helping out with the other product - a personalized book.

The company, I See Me, publishes the kids books - perfect for the age where kids are starting to recognize their own name. Their name is printed throughout the book. It's a little pricey - costing $30, but will forever be a keepsake and unique to your child.

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